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Their support is a key element to promote sport at school

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Date: 2017.01.16

Posted by Anca Colibaba - Romania

The toolkit for school principals has immediate relevance to me as the manager of a school. The Approaches to PE in schools and the ways to help motivate both teachers of PE and school teachers in general to encourage and motivate students to practise physical activities and show parents that, by doing this, every student gets important educational gains far beyond the mere physical exercise, has been a great lesson. Moreover there is a clear demonstration that there is correlation between regular participation in physical activity and health in school children. I personally used this toolkit in my discussions with parents to show them that physical activity provides important benefits directly to the individual child.
The main strength of the sport event was that it brought together students from different schools, it created a fraternity of common interests and it set up the basis for a good tradition among these particular schools. It also showed how important team work was, as the event itself meant the active collaboration of various teachers, school principals, students and parents. This collaboration, from my direct point of view,, has led to other types of collaboration , for example , three of the principles have decided to extend their collaboration from PE to other educational areas.

Date: 2016.12.12

Posted by Julien Keutgen - Belgium

We co-wrote the guidelines addressed to headteachers aiming to support students to balance sport and stuydy at school. Cooperating with the Finnish partner OMNIA, we draw on concrete examples and real-life experiences to provide practical advice that would be applicable at school.

Date: 2016.12.07

Posted by Yücel Gursoy - Turkey

I am a school director at a vocational high school and my students are coming from suburban villages. They have lower marks and
4 toolkits dedicated to school directors are all useful.
the toolkit "Sports as a Mean of Social Inclusion" is also one of the toolkits I started to use at my school.

Date: 2016.12.07

Posted by M.Sıddık K. - Turkey

In Turkey PE classes are always regarded out of the cirriculam and seemed not really important as the other subjects, we could have chance to talk about the toolkit with my colleaques about the toolkit "How to Integrate Sport into Curricular Activities" They are useful and can be used in our institutions.

Date: 2016.12.07

Posted by Mustafa K. - Turkey

The toolkits created on Not Only Fair Play Project are all online and available for the use of all teachers, directors and all related people at schools worldwide. They can be used as a refenence to new projects and ideas.

Date: 2016.12.07

Posted by G.Algan - Turkey

I am a PE teacher and I think the toolkit "How to promote the importance of sport at school" can be used for vocational schools to motivate students and teachers for PE classes.

Date: 2016.11.24

Posted by M.N. - Poland

Thank you for the great tools. They inspire teachers to develop their skills, to strive for being better and better educators, for the sake of the school youth. I appreciate the project goals and confirm the value of physical activity in school curriculum.

Date: 2016.11.24

Posted by Krzysztof T. - Poland

The toolkit “Sport as a Means of Social Inclusion “ is a set of very useful suggestions for school directors. I like the idea to enhance students’ wellbeing in school by implementing sport activities, focused on fun and enjoyment of the participants. A positive approach to school activities has a strong influence on teaching / learning efficiency, popularization of physical activity and healthy lifestyle. Such a policy contributes to social inclusion and integration of school society. I think the idea to collect students’ opinions on various aspects of school life can be a good method to make schools more “friendly” and should be promoted among schools.

Date: 2016.11.21

Posted by Maria Bettoldi - Italy

How to Support Students to Balance Sport and Study at School is fundamental to present and support what I have planned for the next three years. I would like to increase the number of hours that the dediacano girls fashion to sport in my school but I have to also find ways to make it clear, especially to parents, that sport is health, is not a waste of time and does not detract in the study. In fact improves the ability of young people, trains the mind, improves reflexes, enables building relationships correct competition, improves health, away from sedentary activities and alienating.

Date: 2016.11.21

Posted by Silvestri Lorena - Italy

Toolkits are very interesting for an ethical approach to school life. Through sport students gain a sense of belonging, respect for rules, interpersonal skills. Also develop organizational capacity of study time.

Date: 2016.11.03

Posted by M.Mladenov - Bulgaria

Even if the toolkit "Hot to promote sport in schools" is targeted at directors I think it could be helpful for any teacher, since it gives important resources and strategy of how to emphasize on sports in school and all the benefits sport can have for the development of children. I think that a successful program to promote sports in school would help not only the management but also the teachers in the school to have a different point of view on sports and how it can be integrated in any activity to achieve better educational results.

Date: 2016.11.03

Posted by T.Koeva - Bulgaria

I find the toolkit "How to integrate sport into curricular activities" helpful for me in terms of planning the school policies with regard to sport. What I appreciated most is the opportunity to see different experiences from other schools, which are included in the resources as well as the idea of creation of interdisciplinary connections between PE and other subjects in school as well as between the PE teachers and the teachers in other subjects. I find this toolkit very good since it puts the PE education in a broader context for education and physical and intellectual development of young people. However I feel quite challenged to deal only with resources in English. Would be easier for me if I could read more in Bulgarian.

Date: 2016.11.03

Posted by F.Filipov - Bulgaria

The toolkit "Hot to integrate sport in curricular activities" is very well structured. I would definitely use it in my practice. In the Professional High School of Electronics and Electro-techniques I manage health and physical education is a priority. We actively work with the sport clubs in the city of Gorna Oryahovitsa; we have developed models of collaboration in the field of sport and using the toolkits developed under the Not only fair play project I would like to see how we can improve them.

Date: 2016.11.02

Posted by Magnus - Finland

The support of the direction should be seen on a daily school routines. The toolkits give good and practical examples of this for the directors.

Date: 2016.11.02

Posted by Minna - Finland

It is very important to get the directors involved in the promotion of healthy lifestyle at schools. I hope that they take time and read the toolkit.

Date: 2016.11.02

Posted by Susanna - Finland

It is excellent that there is more detailed information in some toolkits, for example digital learning. The toolkit for the directors seems to work well.

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Ramona Cîrşmari - Romania

The toolkit gives a solid support to school managers interested in the harmonious development of the personality of the children and youth as to why sports education is important and how interlinked it is with the overall development of an educated person.

Date: 2016.10.12

Posted by T.Koeva - Bulgaria

I think the toolkit "How to promote the importance of sport at school" would be helpful in my practice with the shared experience for evaluation and planning, as well as for the development of school policies. I find most helpful the resources in the toolkit from which I could see realized activities and working models of promotion of sports in school. I think it would be helpful for me to see how directors manage to motivate teachers to promote sport and work for their professional development with such an element of teaching pedagogy.

Date: 2016.10.12

Posted by I.Genov - Bulgaria

I think the toolkit "Sport as a Mean of Social Inclusion" regards one very important role of sports. I as a teacher can share that I have witnessed myself how sport can play a role in the social inclusion – one time when a team from my school played with a team from a school with predominantly students, coming from minority families. These students changed their attitude towards school and students from other ethnicity and were eager to actively participate in the school’s life. A second time I witnessed the great role sport can play as a means for social inclusion at a students’ championship in football where we met teams, including children with disabilities. Seeing the effect this event had on my students, meeting children with disabilities in the sport field and playing with them made me change my practice too in this direction and use sport to include children, who have negative attitude towards school, who dropped out of the school system, etc.

Date: 2016.10.12

Posted by M. Georgieva - Bulgaria

What I specifically liked in the toolkit "How to Integrate Sport into Curricular Activities" is that it is structured in such a way that it would be easy to adopt the steps at school. I liked also the resources, showing experiences from different countries. I think one of the best steps in this toolkit is the step suggesting the building of interdisciplinary activities between PE teachers and the other teachers in school.

Date: 2016.10.12

Posted by G.Ivanov - Bulgaria

I think the toolkit "How to Support Students to Balance Sport and Study at School" is useful and would be very helpful in our work with students. I think this toolkit best side is the specific steps of how to involve all students in sport activities not only in the school, but also outside it.

Date: 2016.09.29

Posted by H.Ł. - Poland

The materials in English regarding nourishment included in a toolkit "How to promote the importance of sport at school" can be used for improving foreign language skills connected with profession in vocational schools.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.