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Sporting events are organised in each partner country

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Sport Events

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A number of sport events have been organised in all partners’ countries. Click on the image to get more information

Retho Trophee 2016 in Belgium The Not Only Fair Project in Bulgaria Street hockey tournament in Finland The RenaSup Aquitaine Challenge Power Endurance Fair Play in Italy Sport & School Take Front Stage Let’s play new sports! Poland Not Only Fair Play in Iasi (Romania) The Joy of Doing Sports in Romania Bilecik Sports Festival in Turkey Not Only Fair Play in Dundee (UK)
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Date: 2017.01.15

Posted by Constantin T - Romania

Sport contests are important experiences for young people for two reasons. Firstly, they are given the opportunity to experience a challenging sport event and secondly they can improve their sport skills. However, there are also risks as students may focus too intensively on winning, and as a consequence their stress caused by peer-pressure and anxiety may increase. Therefore, it is important for parents and coaches to help teenagers handle stress.

Date: 2017.01.15

Posted by Stefancu Daniel - Romania

During the NOFP final event in Italy I was impressed with the efforts of integrating SEN children in sport activities and games. Also, I really liked the wide range of options that children have to choose from. Combining sport and study is the way to integration and to students’ school performance. The issues of children’s behaviour and conduct as well as the development of life skills for social integration are significant educational values of the project.

Date: 2017.01.15

Posted by Raluca M. - Romania

I appreciate this section not only because it can give teachers a lot of ideas as to how to organise successful sport events but also because it promotes sport and its strong points in a very concrete visual way; sport is for everybody; everybody can do and enjoy sport: students from the mainstream schools and students from special school, teachers, parents, people of all ages. Sports events are inclusiveand rewarding; they join together people from all walks of life, of all ages to celebrate a healthy life style by instilling a deep feeling of participation, mutual respect and collaboration.

Date: 2016.11.16

Posted by Giovanna Pasetti - Italy Acqui terme

the sports event was really important for the students, still within school and ask me: proff ..... but we repeat the event ??

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Anca Constantin - Romania

The Not Only Fair Play Sport Event that took place in Iasi County, Romania, was amazing! First of all because it sets a good example of social inclusion thru sports activities by inviting to event students from special school (Constantin Paunescu School) and also from rural area around Iasi County. The students were very happy to participate at this event, and, as a student, I can say that the impact of this event was a long term because now I am more involved into sports activities not only into team ones, but also into individuals like running and bicycle. I can’t wait to participate to the next event!

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Ioana - Romania

I really enjoyed taking part in the event and I think everybody did. The organisation was excellent, the venue fabulous and the atmosphere was great. Even the weather was on our side! We really did, both students and teachers, something for our well-being, body and mind!

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Sergiu Ciobanu - Romania

the event in itself was great. It went beyond sport and successfully illustrated (I would say) its multifaceted aspects: doing sport, getting involved in and activity, making decisions, being part of a team, socialising, having fun, making friends, supporting teams, learning how to win and lose… and the list can go on!

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Daniel Stefancu - Romania

The event came as an illustration of inclusive education: wide range of students coming from various types of schools (mainstream, special, urban, rural) getting involved in sport games and enjoying every minute of their time spent together.

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Cornelia Agape - Romania

The idea of being together to celebrate sport was a great one. Teachers and students alike had a lot of fun: a nice day appealing to mind and body as well.

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Elza Gheorghiu - Romania

The idea underlying the event was great: sport should be for all; anybody can enjoy sport and have a lot of fun. The idea of bringing together students from the mainstream schools and students from special school was commendable, worth trying again and again.

Date: 2016.10.21

Posted by Anca Colibaba - Romania

The sports events have a number of strong points: the bridge and collaboration opportunities between lovers of sports from schools , universities, clubs and special schools, individuals, students and educators; an event dedicated to the city and its educational activities; intergenerational and inclusive; celebrating a healthy life style; bringing together educators from all subject areas; creating a spirit of participation, mutual respect and collaboration.

Date: 2016.10.03

Posted by The The result of the feedback received from 32 students who stressed strong points of the sport event they participated in: - Poland

1. integration through cooperation with other schools students, making friends
2. familiarizing with new sport disciplines (“sport is not only football”)
3. nice atmosphere and good fun
4. respecting fair play rules
5. incentive to physical activity outdoors
6. excellent organization
7. valuable awards

Date: 2016.10.03

Posted by Teresa Pastewska - Poland

The sport event was a great possibility for students to spend time in the open air and participate in non-typical games. It also contributed to inculcate a habit of spending free time actively.

Date: 2016.10.03

Posted by Barbara Mizerska - Poland

The young people were very enthusiastic about doing new sports which gave them the chance to check and improve their sport skills. Our sport event was a good promotion of less popular sport disciplines. Final award for each participant was a nice surprise for the athletes and coaches.

Date: 2016.10.03

Posted by Teresa Salamądry - Poland

The sport event encouraged students of different schools to meet, integrate, get to know their physical strong and week points, experience a sport competition with respect of fair play rules. It is especially useful for educational objectives. The project toolkit available on the internet portal is very useful for organization of sport activities promoting less known sports.

Date: 2016.10.03

Posted by Adam Miotk - Poland

The sport event that promoted new sport disciplines contributed to students’ comprehensive development of various motor skills. Besides, the sport event has beneficial effect on integration of sport environment and students’ competition in a fair play spirit. The project toolkit for PE teachers “Promotion of less popular sports” is very useful to make classes more attractive.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.