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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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This section of the Not Only Fair Play portal provides administrative information for the project contractual partners and for the European Commission, and is password protected.

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This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned.

Each project partner uploads to this section on a three month basis.

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Partners' Institution:
Fundația EuroEd
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Activity concerned:
Transversal Activity 2: Management
Objectives of activities carried out:
All Project partners wil carry out the following activities:
• Participation in transnational meetings of the steering committee
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Financial reporting
• Constant sharing of approaches, solutions, deliverables produced
• Circulation of information through e-mails and skype

The project work will be organized according to a structured and clear activities plan. The plans will describe each of the foreseen Phases and Transversal Activities organized according to objectives of the phases, activities to be carried out, formats for the carrying out of these activities and expected results.
For every Phase and Transversal Activity a clear definition of time schedule is made, indicating intermediate and final deadlines for carrying out each of the section’s activities and delivering the expected outcomes.
Also, for every phase a detailed definition of partners’ involvement and specific roles will be made.

Templates to be used to carry out each of the project activities will be developed.

The tool used for project management will be the project website.

The project Financial Management include the following activities:

- Support each of the project partners in the project financial management and in the production of financial reports
- Check of the financial reports produced by each of the project partners  
- Production of the financial report of the project to be submitted to the European Commission.
Description of activities carried out:
- Review of the project application form and the documents sent by the coordinator, checking the objectives and roles of the Romanian team within the each work package.
- Participation in the internal meeting with the view to discuss and plan the project activities to be developed, verifying the content of the application and the tasks and results needed under each project phase, setting responsibilities for each member of EuroEd team and scheduling the further steps.
- Working on the project application, creating the project Gant chart, understanding the workflow and the implementation steps.
- Checking the content of the Contract signed with the coordinator and the Annexes, filling in with requested information and verifying the correctness of the EuroEd data.
- Verifying the documents and preparing for the partners meetings, discussions with the other team member participant about the tasks under each project phase, about the implementation of the trainings, budget and results to be obtained.
- Participation in the 1st international partners meetings
- Checking the management files (meeting minutes, caledars of activities and deadlines) sent by the coordinator with the view of the decisions taken during the partrners meeting.
- Revison of the document Authorization to use the data and Partners info, with regards of the EuroEd involvement.
- Checking the project workflow, the documents with tasks and deadlines, planning the activities and working for the reporting process, maintaining the collaboration with the partners.
- Verifying the project budget on each costs category, making plans according to the tasks to be covered by EuroEd within the project.
- Managing communication with the international project team
- Reviewing financial documents from the internal reporting at the level of the national project team.
- Dealing with tasks related to the financial reporting according with the financial manual and package delivered by the coordinator.
- TA2.A - Form for the production of in progress activities reports
- Activity Report_EuroEd_09.2015 – 31.12.2016 - updates on the project portal
- Materials (e.g. ppt. presentations) prepared for participation in the international project meetings
- Technical and financial reports and documentation
- Internal project meeting minutes
- Staff Time cards
- Financial documentation
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The activities under transversal activity 2 are carried out smoothly and in line with the milestone foreseen by the project workplan.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.