Partners' Institution:
Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego Nr 1 - Ośrodek Kształcenia Ustawicznego Nauczycieli
Name of the person involved in the event:
Joanna Nadratowska-Ptak
Date of the event:
25 August 2015
Type of Dissemination event:
Informative Mailing
Description of Dissemination Event:
E-mail sent to the Gdańsk City Council to report project "Not Only Fair Play" to the planned database of all EU projects ongoing and planned in the city of Gdansk. The aim of creating such a database is sharing of knowledge and better coordination of activities undertaken in the framework of various projects.
Target group:
Public Bodies
Held in:
Gdańsk (Poland)
Outcomes and Results:
Contribution to the creation of a database of ongoing and planned EU projects in Gdańsk.
Supporting Documents: