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Collection of initiatives aiming at promoting:

  • awareness of importance of sport at school level
  • social inclusion and prevent early school leaving
  • an ethical approach to sport
  • all types of sports at school level

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Title of the initiative:
“Sport and Respect for the Law“
Web site of the initiative:
Date of the Event:
a.s. 2011-12
Football, Volleyball
promotion of an ethical approach to sport
Description of the initiatives:
“Gramsci/ Keynes” Upper Secondary School - Prato
Prato Provincial Education Office

Partners involved
Ministry of Education Provincial Office / Province of Prato / Municipality of Prato / Prefecture / Police / Fiscal Police / Police Headquarters/ City Police / Prison Police

Brief overview of the project and / or the Good Practice
The respect of the law can be built thanks to the knowledge of the rules, the respect for the others and the common good, and the awareness of the limits of each one's own freedom. School has a fundamental role in the shaping of the individual in terms of cultural and human growth. When they are at school, girls and boys learn to socialize, they acquire behaviors and habits, and learn to discern and to choose. Despite the institutions' care of the issues of law and human relations, episodes of violence, crime and intolerance both at the family and the small group level and at the social level, are increasing.
Mass media constantly convey situations of deviance that are too easily classified as simple madness or social distress. The problem is much more complex and we must all take on responsibility for it.
Every day the police and the institutions are called upon to prevent and limit such behaviors, in order to protect the safety of citizens and property, freedom, the interest and the common good. This is exactly the reason why education and training to the respect of the rules becomes one of society's primary goals.
Through sport, particularly team sport, a "dialogue" on equal terms between the operators of the institutions and young students can be created.
Thus, the project "Sport and Respect for the Law" - an initiative involving police, schools and institutions - was based on such assumptions.
For each edition of the project, special in-depth topics were included such as: "Hooliganism" ( first edition of the project), "Doping" (second edition), " Food and Sport", as a proper diet is essential to adequately face sport activities.
Knowing the basics of food, the nutritional value of the main foods, the individual needs in terms of calories, minerals, liquids to be taken (also according to the sport practiced), has been the goal of the third edition of the project. The purpose was to increase young people's awareness, in order to make them feel protagonists of their own lives.

Expected steps in the implementation of the Project and / or the Good Practice
• Preliminary meetings
• Organization of tournaments to allow the meeting of representatives of the police and secondary school students. They were organized:
- A tournament of five - male football players matches
- A tournament of female volleyball matches
• Conference on “Nutrition & Sport” with the participation of experts and interactive activities for students
• Information on the activities and skills of the police through printed and multimedia products and with the help of the Internet
• Yearly competition for students on the topics covered, requiring photographic works, graphics, multimedia, video, slogans, cartoons etc.
• Intense action of information-communication achieved through:
a) Distribution of leaflets among secondary school students to publicize the initiative
b) Relations with the media
c) Organization of the final event with awards
• Research of sponsors

6. Objectives
• To let the students know the tasks of the police
• To enhance the role of the police and institutions
• To bring the world of school and the world of the police closer
• To develop a deeper sense of respect for rules and institutions
• To increase the sense of social cohesion through sport
• To increase the sense of responsibility in students by letting them understand social and civil rules and then increase their respect for the rules

Any intended final event in the achievement of the Project / Good practice

Each project was completed with a dedicated event, where they have been provided final activities such as:
a) Five-players football tournament finals
b) Competition awards
c) Expert reports on specific thematic analysis (doping, respect for rules, sport & food)
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.