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Collection of initiatives aiming at promoting:

  • awareness of importance of sport at school level
  • social inclusion and prevent early school leaving
  • an ethical approach to sport
  • all types of sports at school level

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Title of the initiative:
“City of Prato Competition - School Sport/ Expressive/ Physical Workshops”
Web site of the initiative:
Date of the Event:
From 2007/2008 to 2013/14 school years
promotion of all types of sports
promotion of an ethical approach to sport
Description of the initiatives:
Partners involved
- Prato Municipality as the leading proponent
- Municipalities in the province of Prato
- Province of Prato
- Provincial Education Office
- All schools of the province of Prato
- Provincial branch of CONI ( Italian National Olympic Committee )
- Youth Centre of Sport Training
Physical activity and sport in schools is a vital educational resource to ensure the growth of the individual. With this in mind the education office built the Trofeo Città di Prato - City of Prato Competition - which aims to spread a different opportunity to practice sport activity aimed at enhancing the different skills of each, and to promote a healthy lifestyle without the imperative to be winning.

HAVE FUN through sport, GROW through sport, BE in the "sport for all".
All this can be achieved by:
• Supporting the planning of educational institutions to expand the provision of training offer through courses of physical education and sport
• Developing and spreading the culture of "physical knowledge" for the acquisition of healthy sport habits throughout young people's whole life and for their well-being
• Supporting and enhancing students' school and extra-school sport committment
• Offering children and young people the opportunity to learn new sports, encouraging participation in sport activities by non-practitioners
• Promoting equal participation, with particular attention to the inclusion of pupils with disabilities and immigrant students
• Preventing discomfort, drop out and deviance (doping, violence)

5. Steps in the implementation of the Project and / or the Good Practice
In each school year upper secondary schools in the province of Prato were allocated extra hours to be used for workshops and different activities, thanks to the resources made available by the Province. This allowed the schools of Prato to achieve - in each school year - an average of 40 workshops for a total of 500 hours of activities chosen by teachers among the different proposals of sport, environmental or expressive less known activities, and therefore able to activate new interests in students, such as:
Orienteering, Archery, Mountain Bike, Acrobatics, Aerial dance, Juggling, Hip hop, Break dance, Modern dance.

6. Goals
The program of physical and sport activities of the City of Prato Competition has been designed to:
• Involve all students in the promotion of healthy lifestyles
• Prevent school drop out
• Promote learning and stimulate new interests
• Enhance the game and the different movement activities as an educational learning, inclusion, socialization and integration opportunity
• Teach a productive dialogue respecting the partner / opponent
• Stimulate the contact with nature

7. Potential final event /s expected in the achievement of the Project / Good practice
At the end of each school year, in the last 8 years at least, the students involved in the City of Prato Competition workshops were able to take part in some final days, particularly suitable to represent the spirit of inclusion, collaboration and sharing at the base of the whole project.
For the area of environmental activities the event brought into practice the disciplines already tested in the workshop carried out at school, as well as the knowledge and discovery of new disciplines.
In the field of expression and sport activities, instead, the workshop that had taken place at school, rich of educational and cultural cues, had resulted in one or more mainly choreographic events, where groups of students from different schools met to exchange their experiences in a celebration and performance atmosphere that could include hundreds of students and affect as many families.
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.