Partners' Institution:
Istituto Professionale Francesco Datini
Project's period (from/to):
01 September 2015 - 31 December 2016

Objectives of activities carried out:
Phase 4 "Guidelines for Policy Makers" aims to provide policy makers in charge of making policies in the field of education as well as in the field of sport and health of Guidelines to raise awareness on the importance of promoting sport at school and on the promotion of a more effective integration of physical education in the school curricula taking into account the promotion of an ethical approach to sport.
The Guidelines will also be addressed to national, regional and local Sport committees, as well as sport association.

Two different Guidelines will be created:
• Sport and School Education.
The guidelines will focus on the importance of promoting sport at school level and will provide indications to policy makers for this purpose. The guidelines will also propose how to enhance the integration between schools activities (both curricular and extracurricular) and sport activities in order to break the invisible barrier that often presents school and sport themselves as incompatible. The Guidelines will set principles, suggest necessary steps and solutions, based on the best practices in the field at European level to promote sport and physical activities as a beneficial tool for enhancing school educational offer and not as a menace.
• Education for an ethic based Sport.
The guidelines will focus on how to promote an ethic based approach to sport, illustrating what to do, through reference to successful experiences in the field, to overcome the hypercompetitive approach to sport that too often Media and society diffuse and promote and that leads too often to the need to succeed and therefore to bypass rules (e.g. doping, match fixing etc) to achieve the goal
At the meeting in Helsinki IPS Datini presented a draft for Guidelines.
Now the first draft of Guidelines are ready, and the forum discussion at the moment has started among the partners .
The Guidelines after forum discussion and mail exchange between the partners had been developed in English and translated in all partners’ languages.

Description of activities carried out:
Draft of Guidelines for all partners involved.
Definitive versions of Guidelines after forum discussion and mail exchange , IPS Datini shared with other partners all the possible doubts and focus points.
The guidelines were revised in collaboration with Pixel before the definitive version in English.
After the guidelines have been translated in National Language , for their publication on the Project Portal.

Presentation on the Project Portal of the definitive version of guidelines after forum discussion and reviewing.

Evaluation of the work undertaken:
During all the steps of this work, the evaluation is surely positive.