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Sporting events are organised in each partner country

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Partners' Institution:
Dundee and Angus College
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Objectives of activities carried out:
Organization of sport events

The events are organized by the teachers involved in the project making use of the toolkit developed in phase 2.

Online Transnational Discussion
The transnational discussion will take place on the project portal and allows a transnational exchange of experiences and opinions between project participants
Description of activities carried out:

All schools have been informed that we will be arranging a sporting event this year as part of the project. We have also investigated the possibility of sending students to Prato during the final project meeting for a pan-European sporting event, however due to some unresolved issues we don’t think this will be an available option for Scottish students.


Due to the toolkit timelines and Easter holidays in the UK, arrangements have been made to meet up with all our schools post-Easter to discuss the testing of the toolkits.


Workshop with the partner schools took place to discuss the testing of the database and toolkits and also the sporting event to take place in September (exact date TBC)


Sporting event took place in September, attended by five local schools. The event consisted of 82 school pupils aged 14-16 from five schools based around the local area. Rather than have a single large event, we decided to replication some of the key learnings from the project and concentrating on providing the pupils with an overview of sport and physical movement and the other essential related to wellbeing.

With this in mind, the pupils were split into five groups each consisting of pupils from each school, thereby mixing the groups up. Each group then visited the five different sessions in a round-robin format.

The sessions involved:

1. Fitness, strength and conditioning
2. Using sport as a context for learning / linking sport and physical movement across curriculum areas
3. Introduction to non-traditional sports including ultimate Frisbee and speedminton
4. Investigation of our Sports Science Lab learning essential skills through physical education, sport and/or physical activity
5. Health & Wellbeing, learning about nutrition and RDA recommendations

The event was organised by Dundee and Angus College staff led by Stephen McGregor and Mike Bartle, in association with Dundee Academy of Sports staff led by Ian Lowe.


Sports event feedback collated and disseminated. Attended sports event in Prato, IT

- engagement with over 100 schools pupils and staff during sports event
- participants involved in multi-workshop event including taster sessions for non-traditional sports and workshops covering core aims of the project
- further dissemination of the project goals, database and toolkits to new sports and non-sports teachers
- key involvement of associate partners including Dundee Academy of Sport and Active Schools Dundee


- sports event feedback disseminated. Potential for event becoming an annual event
Evaluation of the work undertaken:

No activity carried out yet although it was discussed at the second partner meeting that the late start of the project leading to the later-than-expected creation of the toolkits along with the examination period followed by the summer holidays in Scotland may mean that the link between the toolkit and the sports event may be difficult to quantify and gather metrics for.


No work has been carried out yet apart from the initial mention to schools about an event; all schools have shown an interest in taking part and we expect the event to be well attended by local schools and students.


Meetings are being arranged to bring the schools together for a workshop to discuss the toolkit testing and also a regional sporting event.


Workshop taken place. No feedback or results from our partner schools yet regarding the toolkit testing due to the summer break.


Sporting event went well with pupils enjoying the occasion. Press coverage gained (with photographs) from our two key local newspapers (Dundee Courier and Evening Telegraph) following press release.


Feedback from the sports event was positive with potential for it becoming an annual event.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.