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This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned.

Each project partner uploads to this section on a three month basis.

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Partners' Institution:
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Activity concerned:
Transversal Activity 5: Exploitation
Objectives of activities carried out:
The main aim of the sustainability activity is ensure the most appropriate impact of the project on each target group and the ensuring of the sustainability of the project after the end of the funding period.

The strategy to guarantee the project’s sustainability will be based on 5 main activities:

1) Involvement of the project beneficiaries

2) Involvement of key actors.
Public authories in charge of education have already joined the project as associated partners (e.g. two Regional Offices for Public Education of Tuscany and Liguria in Italy , Regional school inspectorate of Iasi in Romania, Directorate of Education of Inhisar in Turkey, Department of education of the Scottish Government, Regional Branch National Health System in Scotland, Dept of Education of Angus Municipality also in Scotland, Dept of Education of Gdansk Municipality in Poland).

3) Maintenance of the project outcomes.
Both the project coordinator and its partners are committed to maintain the project Portal for at least 5 years after the end of the EU funding period. They are committed to continuously update the portal with the latest information and material in order to keep the portal alive.

4) Insertion of the project outcomes into public and private in-service training offer for school teachers

5) Organization, in the years to come, of training initiatives and events in the field.

All partners will be required to carry out sustainability activities.
Description of activities carried out:
Meeting and skype meeting with potential partners.
Informative e-mailing to potential networking schools.
We combine the project activities to our normal school tasks which ensures the real exploitation of the outcomes and outputs of NOFP. By disseminating the project news and outcomes through our existing networks and channels we are able to reach the right target groups and to involve them in the project, too.
The exploitation activities have been going on till the end of the year.
Another PE teacher is involved in the work of the toolkit: this facilitates to put the project results and best practices into practice in Omnia and in networking schools.
We have informed regularly the schools and other networks, like SAKU and URHEA about the project achievements and steps. Project results will be integrated into the daily work in as many schools as possible. Also directors of the upper secondary schools in Espoo have been informend and involved in the work.
Workshop and informative mailing have been carried out in spring 2016.
Close cooperation with SAKU goes on, e.g. organisation of sport events together etc.
Project description in the open portal of the Finnish national Board of Education: Sharing Best Practices in VET:

Presentations of the Project by our PE teacher Sari Penttilä in various events and seminars for PE and Health Education teachers from July to November, 2016. Participation in two important national conferences in Helsinki by Sari Penttilä and presentation of the Project outcomes there at a separate stand.
One letter of engagement among schools. The discussion with the above mentioned associated parnters continue in August.
New schools have joined the NOFP networks. Discussions with different agents from different sectors that enable us to work better on the toolkit and to make it respond to the real situation, real challenges and hopefully suggest solid and useful solutions and recommendations.

Networking meetings and workshops hve been organised by Omnia.
New sport events will be organised for VET students together with SAKU. The project will be represented there.
Links to the NOFP website from SAKU ry website ( an efficient dissemination channel in the Finnish VET context).

Share of information and of materials produced in the project on a national level. Organisation of workshop and sport events in Omnia and together with SAKU and other VET providers.

Closer cooperation with other VET providers especially in the metropolitan area but also on a woder national level: common meetings and share of best practices and information; planning of common approaches for guidnce, counselling and supporting athelete students in networking schools. Cooperation with the two general upper secondary schools in Espoo as well as with the sport clubs continues.
A lot of development, improvement, new methods and partners for the sports study path (study guidance, support and new options for the students) in Omnia and in its networks.
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
Its seems extremely hard to get the project website linked to other partners' or schools websites. In Finland it is more normal to link websites only to those ones we are concretely working with.

It is also very challenging to organise common workshops or events together with the representatives from different schools in Finland. All teachers are busy in their teaching work - and normally the contact persons are teachers - and it is hard to find common time for meetings. However we have managed to carry out one workshop and we keep our national partners informed of the proceeding and outcomes of the Project regularly.

The topic is very important and all partners in our netwroks have shown growing interest for the project. We share and spread the toolkits also as much as possible for new partners and stakeholders.
There has been shown a lot of interest towards the Project materials, outcomes and portal.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.