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This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned.

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Partners' Institution:
Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego Nr 1 - Ośrodek Kształcenia Ustawicznego Nauczycieli
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Activity concerned:
Transversal Activity 4: Dissemination
Objectives of activities carried out:
The Dissemination strategy will involve all the project partners in the identification of the target groups, in the definition of who will be in charge of the different dissemination events, in the identification of timing, in the planning of activities to be carried out as well as of the relevant materials to be produced for this purpose.

All partners will also be in charge of involving the relevant key actors who will cooperate in the carrying out of dissemination as well as in the involvement of the relevant networks they belong to.

The Project dissemination strategy will be presented discussed and jointly adopted by the project partners.

All partners will contribute to the production of dissemination materials

Each partner will be in charge of carrying out an average of 2 dissemination activities each month), create the dissemination forms describing each activity, produce the progress and final transnational dissemination report

During the kick off meeting, partners identified the features of target group as follows:
- Physical education teachers in secondary schools.
- Teachers of other subjects in secondary schools.
- School directors
- Policy makers in the field of education and sport
- National, regional and local Sport comittees
- Sport Association staff

In the framework of this TA Pixel has to carry out the following activities:
- Creation of Facebook project page
- Creation of the forms to be used by the partnerhips
- Creation of the Project brochure in English, to be translated by partners in national languages
- Dissemination activities
- Creation of the dissemination reports
- Creation of the transnational dissemination report
Description of activities carried out:
The dissemination activites carried out by CKZiU Nr 1 – OKUN included:
1. informative mailings to the local and national sport and educational authorities (18, 30.06. 2015) with the project information and request for support of our project actions
2. spreading the information about the project among the secondary schools in Gdańsk (21.05.2015)
3. posts on our institution’s website and Facebook website, as well as on the websites of our partner schools
4. training seminar targeted at directors of secondary vocational schools in Gdańsk. The presentation about the project was incorporated in the training programme (21 May 2015)
5. national meetings with:
- the representatives of our partner schools (02.06.2015)
- prof. Waldemar Moska, the rector of Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport ( ) which resulted in signing a letter of associated partner institution (09.07.2015).
6. delivering information about the NOFP Project to Gdańsk City Council. The aim is to place it in the city database of the EU projects (25.08.2015)
7. spreading the information about the project among the school directors of all teching levels in Gdańsk (26.08.2015)
8. on 17 and 21.09.2015 the teachers-methodological advisors of OKUN presented the project to the directors of Gdańsk schools and kindergartens
9. The project was promoted at the EWoS Sport For All Congress . It was organized by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Foundation for the Development of Physical Activity. The meeting was attended by representatives of various communities related to sport (17.09.2015)
10. presentation and discussion about the project during the meeting with Norwegian group of the representatives of educational authorities of Rogaland region (25.09.2015)
11. organization of the Family Sports Festival by ZKPiG Nr 2 in Gdańsk (OKUN's associated partner) and promotion of the NOFP Project by spreading the brochures and sponsoring the prizes for the students - the bags containing the project numer and logo as well as Erasmus+ Programme logo (26.09.2015).
12. the second meeting with the representatives of project partner schools (12.10.2015) which aim was to discuss the project progress and future tasks.
13. the national meetings with school directors (16 and 19.11.2015) when the participants were asked to evaluate the presented NOFP project portal.
14. working meeting with representatives of the Polish partner schools (27 January 2016)
15. spreading the information / project leaflets during the workshop for teachers named "Activating methods in teaching the principles of rational nutrition” ( 3 February 2016)
16. the new promotional video about CKZiU No. 1 – OKUN was produced . It included the information about the NOFP project (16 February 2016)
17.The fair of secondary schools during which the project brochures were distributed (9 March 2016)
18. Working meeting with representatives of the Polish partner schools. During the meeting issues related to the workshops for teachers and to the sports event were discussed. ( 07.04.2016)
19. The conference titled "HOW TO COPE WITH STRESS?" including the workshops on NOFP project. Conference participants were given the information about the project and shared oipnions about the project results. (21.04.2016)
20. The official document was sent sent to Gdańsk local authorities with the information about the NOFP project and its current activities.(08.05.2016)
21. Sport event that aims to test the toolkit “Promotion of less popular sports” (01.06.2016)
22. The conference named "The Art of Teaching. A Debate on Tolerance". During the conference a poster session about the "Not Only Fair Play" project was arranged and presented to the teachers and school directors. (02.06.2016)
23. The workshop for PE teachers ("Why students do not want to practice physical education classes?") was held in CKZiU Nr 1 - OKUN. During the workshop the information about the NOFP project was given. (13.06.2016)
24. The article on website (5 July 2016) in the response to the proposal to share information about good projects on the portal EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe). LINK:
25. Training courses proposal (29 August 2016). CKZiU Nr 1 - OKUN published the handbook for the year 2016/2017, containing the list of planned trainings, workshops, courses, conferences. etc. Two courses that use teaching materials developed in the project "NOT ONLY FAIR PLAY" has been also placed in the handbook (pages 110-111).
26. The training for PE teachers named "What can be assessed during the PE lessons?" ( 24 October 2016) was held in CKZiU Nr 1 - OKUN. During the session the information about the NOFP project was given
Many teachers and directors of Gdańsk schools received the information about the project. The local sport and educational environment including municipal authorities, also national sport authorities, have been reached by the dissemination actions.
The project description was included in the City of Gdańsk database of EU projects.
The increased numer of people received the information about the project, both at national and international level.

The creation of a partner network (partner schools and associated organizations) resulted in posting information about the NOFP project on several webpages. The project brochure translated into Polish has been widely spread by mails to Gdańsk local authorities, schools and sports organizations. The posts related to the project topic have been posted on the project Facebook page.

Two best practice dissemination reports were produced.
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
CKZiU Nr 1 – OKUN has carried out many dissemination activities activities targeting at school staff, sport organizations and sport and educational authorities. Many positive opinions form the representatives of project target groups prove that the project outcomes are useful and appreciated by the users.
Two best practice dissemination reports were delivered on time.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.