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This section allows a constant communication and sharing of information among the project partners as far as the activities for the different intellectual outputs are concerned.

Each project partner uploads to this section on a three month basis.

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Partners' Institution:
Istituto Professionale Francesco Datini
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Activity concerned:
Transversal Activity 2: Management
Objectives of activities carried out:
The following activities had been carried out:
Starting the project activities after its official approval by EU
Creation of a network betwwen partners in orden to start up the project
• Participation in transnational meetings (Kick off in Florence, 2nd meeting in Paris, 3d Meeting in Helsinki)
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Financial reporting
• Constant sharing of approaches, solutions, deliverables produced
• Circulation of information through e-mails and website updating
Frequent contact with all partners about activities of the Project following the deadlines
A workshop about financial reporting and organization of Datini administrative staff. ( 7 may 2016)
2 workshop about final event have been organized by Datini with other schools of the local area.
Ips Datini organized the final conference (27 october 2016) and final transnational sport event (28 october). After the final event , Ips Datini collected documents and evaluation questionnaires.
Description of activities carried out:
Datini participated in the kick-off meeting organised by Pixel, collected all the results of this initial meeting and now the staff is preparing for the second meeting to take place at RENASUP in october .
For the second meeting all documents related to Meeting Agenda have been prepared.
Datini received and translated all the forms and is in constant communication with the other partners, the schools recruited and Pixel as techincal coordinator.
Datini participated in the second meeting at Renasup-Paris, and third meeting in helsinki
Datini organized after each meeting an internal workshop with the staff and a meeting opened to teachers of the 5 schools involved in the Project.
Datini staff continued in organizing dissemination events, and worked about exploitation.
Datini will be charged of organizing the final Event in October 2016.
Datini staff took care of the organization of final event during 27-28 october 2016.
Datini administration staff took care of requested activities by European Commission.
Participation in the kick-off meeting, and in the second meeting in Paris, and finally third meeting in helsinki
Forms received and available in Italian on the portal and by a specific brochure.
Preparation of internal interim report about dissemination and exploitation.
Internal interim financial report.
Presentation of the program of final event in Prato
Organization of all practical aspects for partners in the final event ( accomodation, students' participation and so on)

IPS Datini, according with Pixel, identified an external auditor for the certification of expenditure in accordance with the items and the rules of the project.
IPS Datini and its staff collected all materials ( pictures, signatures, videos, newspaper articles, tv local broadcasting) related to the final conference and to the final sport event.
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
Datini is satisfied with the meetings , the final event, and the project management, and is developping all the other forms and products requested by project's deadlines, with attention to next step of the project, above all definition of TOOLKITS, and updating of the Project Portal with the new products.
Datini is now following all adminstrative aspects and evaluates in a positive way the choice of an external auditor for financial aspects.
All aspects of final event have been developped.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.