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Partners' Institution:
I.I.S. Rita Levi-Montalcini
Project's period (from/to):
01 January 2015 - 31 December 2016
Activity concerned:
Transversal Activity 4: Dissemination
Objectives of activities carried out:
The Dissemination strategy will involve all the project partners:
in the identification of the target groups,
in the definition of who will be in charge of the different dissemination events,
in the identification of timing, in the planning of activities to be carried out as well as of the relevant materials to be produced for this purpose.

The Project dissemination strategy will be presented discussed and jointly adopted by the project partners.

All partners will contribute to the production of dissemination materials

During the kick off meeting, partners identified the features of target group as follows:
- Physical education teachers in secondary schools.
- Teachers of other subjects in secondary schools.
- School directors
- Policy makers in the field of education and sport
- National, regional and local Sport comittees
- Sport Association staff Creation of the forms to be used by the partnerhips
- Creation of the Project brochure in English, to be translated by partners in national languages
- Dissemination activities
- Creation of the dissemination reports
- Creation of the transnational dissemination report
Description of activities carried out:
I.I.S. Montalcini started presenting this project to its working group as soon as it was accepted.
Dissemination activities have increased only after the project officially started and particularly after the kick off meeting
At the moment I.I.S. Montalcini made
- Presentation of the project to the teachers of the school
- Presentation of the project to the teachers of the other school : Barletti Ovada, Liceo Amaldi Novi Ligure, I.I.S Ferraris Pancaldo Savona, S.F. Alberghiera Acqui Terme.
- Distribution of brochures during the last meeting of teachers at school September 2015
-Distribution of italian brochures and poster (NOFP) in the schools Barletti of Ovada and Liceo Amaldi,
- Articles, news and links on website (
-National meeting between the headmaster and the new students' parents teachers explained the Not only fair project to listeners.
-Articles, imagines, activities on facebook page
At the beginning of new time at school ( september 2015) IIS Rita Levi-Montalcini restarted dissemination, with new website information

The meeting with our school partners was the most significant dissemination activity of the March-January quarter. It was a well attended and participated meeting. All the representatives of the partner schools offered information about the developed activities and showed some photos.
Students had the opportunity to take part in many different types of sports activities, moreover teacher organized cross-curricular activities in order to combine study and sport. Interscholastic activities both at a district and provincial level have been very useful. Physical Education teachers took part in non-competitive activities to improve themselves and their knowledge, but also to be an example to students.
The first-course students (14 years) organized some representations on the themes: “union”, “support” and “friendship”. Some sports exhibitions were organized.
The second part of the meeting with partners was devoted to the development of a first draft of the sports event that will take place in Acqui Terme - Italy in September. The points of view and ideas suggested, taking into account the different areas of competency and the age of students, were very interesting.

The sports-educational project of the biennium classes (14-15 years), held in Policoro (Matera Province), has been the most significant quarter April-June dissemination event.
The students (67 participants) were in a tourist village by the sailing centre in Policoro , where they have practiced a lot of sports related to the sea and the natural environment. They have ventured in new sports activities, they have never practiced so far, with the help of qualified instructors. All the week long, they worked to improve themselves and their abilities through natural and nautical activities acquiring skills and competences relevant for improving self-esteem, cooperation and self- confidence. Immersed in a magical setting, they gave the best of themselves in a commitment always-fun.
Teachers helped instructors in the active involvement of students by promoting a proactive approach to the various activities.
Students have been guided in an educational path aiming at improving students’ transferable skills such as fairness, acceptance of defeat, personal relationships within the group.
The motto “Being competitive, but correct” has been observed throughout the week.
It should be emphasized that the environment, the proposed activities and the long period of stay allowed students to improve interpersonal relationships, meet other students of the same age, implement the relationship with teachers, instructors and all the staff of the touristic village.
Great experience!!!!
This penultimate report on cross-cutting activities is dedicated to all the partners of the “IIS Rita Levi Montalcini” Institute who have agreed to participate in the project.
Initially, there were some problems in both the research of the partners and acceptance by the partners of the project membership. After having understood the mission, all the representatives said they were willing to participate. Not Only the Fair Play logo was added to all the websites and the project slowly took shape: the proposed activities have been publicized, widespread and timely referred to inclusion, equal opportunities, sport as a tool of unity and communication. Everything that was built under the aegis of the project was duly cataloged, documented and recorded.
We have many examples of what has been done in the province, the logo now appears in many associations in the area that exhibit it on shirts or on the Internet as a common point of a larger project, European of course.
We think that the basic concepts of the project have been understood and assimilated in the cross-culture of our area indeed some high schools specializing in sports activities have been successfully established in the area.
I.I.S.Rita Levi-Montalcini started now to increase the number of people reached by the dissemination activities in Italy . It had been an important step to contact the schools and involve them in the project
the disseminations, now, are regularly published to the project portal and the fb page and also the partner schools are really interested in disseminations.
Evaluation of the work undertaken:
The disseminations are regular, partners dell'IIS Montalcini collaborate well with our institution; and initiatives are published regularly. Now the institution's internal staff works very well.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.