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How to Support Students to Balance Sport and Study at School

School Directors

7. Galvanise the practice of sport in the whole school
Because sport activities are a factor of intellectual and emotional balance and help prevent early school leaving, because beyond elites, every student needs to be brought to a good physical condition, because few families have the financial resources to pay for sport club fees, equipment or transports to competitions. Offer various sports to try and practice at school: this could get some students interested in starting a new hobby – even though they would not aim at the top level.
Improve the image of physical education lessons. In collaboration with physical education teachers, organise sport competitions at school or with other schools, focusing on activities in which most or all students can participate, regardless of their physical conditions or socio-economic background. You could use the opportunity of national and international events and awareness campaigns dedicated to the promotion of sports, such as the European week of sport or other sport-related national celebrations, to involve your school in a sport event.
Promote physical activities in everyday life, such as walking or cycling as a means to go to and from school. Associate it with other sport-related issues such as health and good nutrition, fair play, addictions. Open up challenges and games for the students for counting walking and biking kilometres, etc.
Help teachers invent and pilot new ways of learning in the classrooms – and outside the classrooms. Do the students have to sit on their chairs for the whole day or could they learn by doing and moving? What could be done outside the classroom and the school itself? How physical movement could enhance and support learning?
Learning Objective
The learning objective of step 7 is to remind school directors of the importance of physical education and physical activities on a general level at schools. Not only athletes on a top level have to be taken into consideration but physical activities have to be offered for all students. Cooperation between vocational teachers and PE teachers may be fruitful and it may offer new ways of integrating PE into other subjects and also of organising sport events, competitions and other happenings that are targeted in the whole school
Online Resources
  • European week of sportThe European Week of Sport aims to promote sport and physical activities across Europe. It is for everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level.
  • Active SchoolsA programme designed to encourage children and young people to get active and stay active. A network of managers and coordinators work in every local authority area to increase the number of good quality opportunities for young people to get active.
  • Get Set to Make a Change Access to rewards and recognition in return for commitment to the programme, including: Meeting an Olympian and a Paralympian - Certificates for your young people - Invitation to an event at the end of the programme - Visits from athletes or invitations to exclusive Olympic and Paralympic events.
  • Mon club mon école Within the framework of the operation “Mon club mon école”, the French-speaking Community of Belgium offers grants to school. It encourages sport clubs to promote their discipline among students, to stimulate new passions and to discover new talents.
  • National Sport Day at SchoolThis French initiative gathered students, teachers and parents and consisted in sporting and playful activities. The National Sport Day at school paved the way to an entire week dedicated to sport, in association with academic sport federations, sport in firms and the entire sport organisations.
  • Sportez-vous bien Event organised by the city of Brussels at the National stadium (“King Baudouin Stadium”) addressed to 6th primary school (11-12 years old) pupils and aimed to tight sport and healthy nutrition. 1440 pupils participate in sport activities and visit a “health village”. They are informed about various topics such as the importance of healthy nutrition, how to brush one’s teeth, the danger of smoking, fair play
  • Promotion of sports in Finnish VETCultural and Sports Association of Finnish Vocational Education and Training: The promotion of sports in vocational training in Finland is the major task of SAKY Ry. It gives useful advice and concrete examples as well as event for the use of VET teachers and students.
  • Finnish Schools on the MoveIncreasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary time among school-aged children
  • Research at LIKESResearch Center for Sport and Health Sciences provides scientific information in order to enhance physical activity
  • Expertise in the promotion of Health enhancing physical activityA set of recommendations for physical activities for children and young people; by UKK Institute in Finland

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This web site reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.